Breast Augmentation in Istanbul

Breast Augmentation in Istanbul: Breast augmentation, commonly known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure that increases the size of one’s breasts. Breast implants can now be put beneath the breast tissue or muscles. Breast augmentation surgery has made some women feel safer and more beautiful. Breast augmentation is a common procedure for women who need to repair their breasts due to a variety of reasons. Breast augmentation helps the breasts appear larger and fuller, but it does not lift them.

Breast lift is a separate treatment that repositions, lifts, and reshapes the breasts. It is sometimes confused with breast augmentation. Breast lift surgery is sometimes preferred by women after pregnancy, severe weight reduction, or if their breasts are sagging. Some ladies opt to have both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery done at the same time. Another option is to use this procedure. If you’re thinking about having breast augmentation surgery, you should consult with a qualified plastic surgeon. You will be briefed in full about the probable dangers, consequences, and which operation is involved, as well as your specialist’s follow-up care.

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular practice in Turkey, and breast augmentation implants are constructed of the highest quality materials. In Turkey, competent doctors reliably execute breast augmentation surgery. Breast reduction surgery, on the other hand, is in high demand among foreign patients in Turkey. One of the reasons for the reduced cost of breast augmentation surgery in Turkey is that the country’s equipment is manufactured locally, and the cost of living is lower than in European countries.

Breast augmentation surgery advantages:

  • It is a long-term strategy for achieving an optimum shape.
  • It improves your appearance in garments and swimsuits.
  • You can achieve a better proportioned appearance.

Breast augmentation surgery disadvantages:

  • Implants are supposed to be replaced after a specific amount of time, so it’s not a perpetual operation.
  • There are the usual surgical risks.
  • The Breast Implant is linked to a rare disease termed Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BI-ALCL), which you should address with your surgeon.
  • Some patients wish to have the implants removed later for a variety of reasons, including pain, asymmetry, or other unfavorable effects.
Breast Augmentation in Istanbul
Breast Augmentation in Istanbul

Breast augmentation Risks:

  • The scar tissue that affects the form of the breast implant is also known as capsular contracture.
    Infection of the breasts
  • Changes in breast and nipple sensitivity
  • Positional changes of the implant
  • Implant rupture or leakage

Correction of these issues may necessitate additional surgery to remove or replace implants.

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