Facelift Cost in Istanbul

Facelift Cost in Istanbul: In 2022, one of the most intriguing topics will be the expense of face plastic surgery. Aesthetic surgery fees in Turkey are not allowed to be explained by hospitals or practitioners. This website does not use their platform. We’ll give you exact price range information here.

Turkey is a famous tourist destination because of its breathtaking natural beauty and ancient sites. Not only that, but Turkey is a popular medical tourism destination. Every year, millions of people go to Turkey to take advantage of the country’s advanced healthcare facilities, cutting-edge technology, and world-class surgeons. For the lowest facelift prices in best hospitals please check our Price List page.

For individuals who want to lessen the signs of aging, get younger, and tauter skin, face lift treatments can create a more prominent facial shape, remove wrinkles, and diminish the traces of time. Hereditary factors, lifestyle, bad nutrition, and advancing age can all cause sagging and deep wrinkles in the skin of the face. Face lines deepen, eyebrows fall, eyes droop, lines on the sides of the lips and nose appear, necks become fat, and jaw forms become uneven as skin droops. As a result, depending on who they are, a person may appear both exhausted and old.

Although face lift treatments cannot reverse the aging process, they can make you appear 15-20 years younger. It’s a quick and painless technique that ensures a thorough repair. Face lift procedures are the healthiest and most durable alternative if a person’s skin has become too deformed to recover with non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Facelift Surgery Preparation: The first stage of preoperative preparation is the same in all hospitals. Following your decision to have a facelift and consultation with your specialized surgeon, certain tests are performed to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure. The following are the triggers:
First and foremost, the patient’s medical history is investigated.

  • Laboratory testing and radiological investigations are conducted as needed.
  • The anesthesiologist performs evaluations as well as other laboratory tests and radiographic examinations in order to prevent anesthesia-related problems.
  • You will be asked to cease smoking if you smoke and to stop taking some drugs that raise the risk of bleeding after the procedure has been validated as safe. This is done to reduce the risk of complications during and after surgery.
  • All other prescription and nonprescription medications, as well as nutritional supplements, will be examined, and your specialist will advise you whether to continue or stop using them.
  • Before having a facelift, you should speak with a qualified surgeon who will provide you with full information about the treatment. You may also be requested to stop eating and drinking prior to surgery, and you must completely follow your specialized surgeon’s instructions in order to have surgery on the appointed date.
Facelift Cost in Istanbul
Facelift Cost in Istanbul

After the Facelift Surgery

Mild to moderate discomfort, drainage from incisions, swelling, bruising, and numbness are all possible side effects of facelift surgery. Rest with your head raised for the first few days following surgery, take painkillers and medications as prescribed by your doctor, and apply cold packs to your face to relieve pain and swelling. Within two months of your facelift surgery, you will have numerous scheduled follow-up appointments.

Your surgeon will remove your drainage tube in the days following surgery, then apply antibiotic ointment to your wounds and place new bandages on your face by your expert at your follow-up appointment. One week following surgery, your doctor will remove your stitches. It is to guarantee that you progress in a regulated manner throughout your following follow-up consultations.

Who is eligible for a facelift?

  • Sagging of the skin on the face
  • Wrinkles on the side of the lips
  • Reduction in the amount of face fat volume
  • Non-aesthetic formation
  • Skin on the chin sags
  • Those who suffer from low self-esteem as a result of the loss of their full face’s shape

Risks of facelift surgery

Facelift surgery may result in complications, however long-term or permanent issues are unlikely to result in major alterations in the appearance of the face. Hematoma is a blood collection under the skin that produces swelling and pressure. It is the most common complication of facelift surgery.
A hematoma is most commonly caused during 24-hour surgery and is treated with surgery right afterwards to avoid injury to adjacent tissues.

Another sort of risk is scarring, which can result in cuts that blister and leave red scars. To improve the appearance of scars, corticosteroid medication injections or other therapies may be utilized.

Although nerve injury is uncommon, it can disrupt the nerves that govern the senses or muscles temporarily or permanently. Additionally, this operation has dangers such as hair loss and skin loss.

After a facelift, points to consider about in terms of facial aesthetics
Physical aspects must be protected from the person’s face. Excessive movement of the extended face should be avoided during the post-operative recovery period. Pain medication must be taken on a regular basis if necessary. Choose clothing that will not come into direct touch with your face. It is imperative that you refrain from smoking for one month following your surgery. Because smoking obstructs capillaries throughout the body, capillaries in the face disrupt blood circulation and impede recovery.

Facelift Cost in Istanbul