Facelift in Istanbul – Rhytidectomy in Istanbul

Facelift in Istanbul – Rhytidectomy in Istanbul: A face lift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgical procedure that corrects the contour of the jaw, stretches the skin, and makes them look younger in people whose general health is not an issue and who are psychologically prepared for the procedure.
In line with the demands of patients and the suggestions of plastic surgeons, facelift surgery in Istanbul can be conducted concurrently with rhinoplasty, eyelid aesthetics, and filler applications. During face lift operations conducted under general anesthesia, a variety of surgical techniques can be used.

Hereditary factors, lifestyle, bad nutrition, and advancing age can all cause sagging and deep wrinkles in the skin of the face. Face lines deepen, eyebrows fall, eyes droop, lines on the sides of the lips and nose appear, necks become fat, and jaw forms become uneven as skin droops. As a result, depending on who they are, a person may appear both exhausted and old.

For individuals who want to lessen the signs of aging, get younger, and tauter skin, face lift treatments can create a more prominent facial shape, remove wrinkles, and diminish the traces of time.
Although face lift treatments cannot reverse the aging process, they can make you appear 15-20 years younger. It’s a quick and painless technique that ensures a thorough repair. Face lift procedures are the healthiest and most durable alternative if a person’s skin has become too deformed to recover with non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Facelift  in Istanbul
Facelift in Istanbul

Types of Facelift

Facelift surgery comes in a variety of forms. We’ll go over the many types of procedures. The cost of various types of surgery varies. After studying the different types of surgeries, you can check our Price List page to see the cheapest Facelift Costs in Turkey.

  • Mid-facelift surgery: A cheek lift is another name for it. The cheeks are pulled back for a more youthful appearance and a more defined face with mid-facial lift surgery. Incisions are made in the eyelids to elevate the cheeks.
  • Brow lift surgery: Wrinkles are reduced, frown lines are improved, and sagging brows are lifted into a more youthful position during brow lift surgery. Incisions are made above the brow, above the hairline.
  • Temple lift: This procedure removes wrinkles from the forehead, lines between the brows, and raises sagging brows and forehead altogether. A bilateral temporal incision is made in the hair above the ears.
  • Neck lift surgery: It’s a procedure for improving the appearance of aging in the jawline and neck. Hairline incisions are made at the level of the sideburns, followed by incisions around the ear and into the posterior hair.
  • Full facelift surgery: It is a 3 to 4 hour surgical procedure that is conducted under general anaesthetic. A complete facelift incision starts at the temples and runs along the hairline to the back of the earlobes. Unlike a modest facelift, this procedure also targets the top portion of the face, notably the temples.

Your facial needs and your doctor’s recommendations will determine which type of facelift is best for you. One of two ways is commonly used to execute facelift treatments. A conventional facelift is the first option. Depending on the type of facelift surgery, incisions are performed in various spots on the face during the procedure. Another possibility is an endoscopic face lift. Endoscopy is a treatment that employs the use of small surgical cameras. The operation you’ll have depends on your facial condition and the sort of facelift you’re getting.

Facelift  in Istanbul
Facelift in Istanbul

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Mid Face Lift (Cheek lift) cost in Istanbul – 2.250 Euro
Neck Lift cost in Istanbul – 2.250 Euro
Mid Face Lift+Neck Lift cost in Istanbul – 3.750 Euro