Medical Treatments in Istanbul

Medical Treatments in Istanbul: With its advantageous geographic location, first-rate clinical benefits, and low costs, Turkey welcomes visitors from all over the world and provides prompt conclusions, powerful treatment, and medical services in all areas of modern medicine.
Guests who choose Turkey for their clinical therapy receive the highest level of care from exceptionally trained expert clinical staff.

Medical Treatments in Istanbul
Medical Treatments Services in Istanbul

Some of the medical treatment services available in Turkey;

Bone Marrow Transplantation
Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery
Hair Transplantation
Hereditary qualities
Irresistible Diseases and Clinical Microbiology
IVF and Gynecology
Muscular health and Traumatology
Nervous system science
Plastic Surgery

About Healthcare in Turkey

For tourists, Turkey has a plethora of spas, thermal care centers, yoga centers, adventure sports locations, and rehab service centers. These can be found all over Turkey, including Antalya, Istanbul, Bodrum, and Ankara. Some technology apps will be useful while traveling, whether for language translation, currency and price exchange, or staying in touch with friends and family back home. This article discusses useful apps to have on hand when visiting Turkey for health or medical tourism.

Why Is Medical Tourism So Popular in Turkey?

  • Quality Hospitality and Tourism Services

It is not the case with all medical and hospital care establishments that they simply take your money and perform healthcare procedures. Recognizing that the majority of foreigners arriving from abroad are in unfamiliar surroundings, healthcare establishments, staff, and doctors provide comprehensive services and hospitality. Starting with airport transfers, they also arrange accommodation and provide information on restaurants, attractions, and Turkish culture in general. If patients are in good enough health, they can combine their trip for medical treatment with a mini-vacation.

  • Medical Surgeons and Professional Hospitals

Due to Turkey’s ongoing European Union application, Turkey has established high standards for medical health establishments. To open for business, they must be accredited, licensed, and follow specific procedures and guidelines. All health-care facilities are either locally or internationally accredited, or both. Furthermore, some surgeons have received training in places such as America and Europe before returning to Turkey. Many surgeons also speak foreign languages, and if they do not, health care facilities employ official translators to ensure that patients understand what is going on.

  • Cost-effectiveness and reduced wait time

The main reason tourists travel to Turkey for medical treatment is to save money. Health procedures are a fraction of what they are in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, and patients can enjoy a mini-vacation while learning about Turkish culture, food, and hospitality. Depending on the treatment, patients can save up to 90 percent. Furthermore, while people in other countries may have to wait months for procedures, they can be seen in Turkey in as little as two weeks. Please visit our Price List page to see the best medical treatment prices in Istanbul.

  • Easy to travel to Turkey

Turkey‘s strategic global location serves as a link between east and west. Turkey has spent billions of dollars on ultramodern airports and flight schedules in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Antalya, Bodrum, and Dalaman, the top three tourist airports, are frequently recognized with awards. In contrast, when completed, Istanbul’s new airport will serve 350 global destinations and serve as the world’s largest transport hub. For private medical patients, getting here is as simple as purchasing a ticket and boarding a plane.