Neck Lift in Istanbul

Neck Lift in Istanbul: The major purpose of this procedure is to restore the patient’s jawline to its normal appearance. The irritated area will also eliminate excess fat without sagging in this manner. Periodic health issues, such as chronic smoking or diabetes, can make getting a neck lift difficult. Furthermore, if neck surgery has been performed previously, surgery can be postponed.

Finally, the plastic surgeon determined whether or not to proceed with the procedure. Liposuction beneath the chin, especially in young patients with adequate muscle power, good tension, and no sagging or excessive skin, can produce excellent outcomes. Procedures such as stretching loose subcutaneous muscle tissue and removing superfluous skin are essential in the elderly and in patients with extremely loose and sagging skin to be successful. To discover the reason for the neck lift, an examination is required first.

Signs of aging on the neck are caused by skin, muscle, fat, and even salivary glands, which should be analyzed separately and incorporated in the treatment plan as appropriate. Stretching the neck skin, restoring the platysma muscle’s midline separation, eliminating the corset causing wrinkles, removing fatty tissue beneath the chin by liposuction or direct excision, and treating hanging salivary glands are all surgical treatments utilized for the neck.

Neck Lift in Istanbul
Neck Lift in Istanbul

Who is a Good Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery in Istanbul?

You may be at risk of elevating your neck if you find yourself in the mirror only looking at your cleavage and not your head for no apparent reason. The following are examples of good candidates:

  • People that lead healthy lifestyles and set realistic goals for what they can do by lifting their heads are the happiest with their outcomes.
  • People with extensive skin slippage in the neck area have the well-known “turkey neck” appearance. This can lead to feelings of insecuriNeck Lift in Istanbulty, which can contribute to low self-esteem.

Neck Lift Surgery Types

A neck lift is rarely done on its own and is usually combined with a facelift. Because of the neck’s beauty, both general and local anesthetic can be employed. In the vast majority of cases, general anesthesia is preferable. Except for the first day, the process takes about 2 hours and there is no pain. There is no sign except for a modest sign that is not visible from the outside when there is an entrance in front of or behind the ear.

Lower Neck Elevation

The apparent indications of aging in the lower jaw and neck are corrected by a lower neck lift. The surgeon uses this approach to rearrange the tissue under the skin of the lower neck, and the neck muscles are usually strengthened. Excess skin is cut when the skin is pushed across a tight contour.

Neck Lift (Mini)

A small neck lift is a less invasive neck lift procedure that can help you seem younger. The vertical strip of the neck is removed and the surplus skin on the neck is tightened throughout the surgery. A tiny neck lift has a smaller incision than a traditional neck lift, which means shorter surgery and recuperation time, as well as less bruising and swelling. With minimum downtime, the result is a more youthful, appealing jawline and neckline.

Neck Lift in Istanbul
Neck Lift in Istanbul

Procedure for a Neck Lift

A neck lift is a cosmetic operation that removes excess skin and fat from the area around your jaw, giving your neck a tighter, younger appearance.

Your surgeon may ask you to stop taking aspirin or other blood-thinning medications a few days before the procedure. Your doctor would also encourage you to quit smoking before having your throat removed because smoking creates skin wrinkles and inhibits recuperation and healing.

A neck lift involves the following steps:

  • You will be given medicine to help you relax during the surgical procedure. Two alternatives are intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.
  • An incision is created along the side of the sideburns’ hairline, extending down and around the ear, and ending at the back hair.
  • The platysma muscle is relocated, and the tissue beneath the skin of the neck is tightened. Excess skin is removed with care, and the skin is then wrapped around the elevated features.
  • The incision line is closed with sutures and maybe skin glue. After a few days, the stitches may disintegrate or need to be removed. After healing, the incision line after a neck lift is usually well covered in the hairline and natural curve of the ear.
  • Necklift side effects include swelling and bruising. To reduce swelling, you may need to wear special compression clothes around your neck. Maintain a straight posture with your head held high above your heart. For a few days, avoid bending or twisting your neck.

Neck Lift Risks and Side Effects
Because smoking promotes skin wrinkles and makes rest and recuperation difficult, your doctor may urge you to stop smoking before elevating your neck. In addition, your doctor may ask you to stop taking aspirin and maybe other blood-thinning medications a few days before surgery. The following are some of the dangers of neck lift surgery:

  • bruising beneath the surface
  • anesthetic sensitivity
  • scars that are deep
  • a wound with blood
  • infection
  • injury to the nerves
  • skin deterioration
  • Infected wounds that have not healed
  • Another issue with neck lifts is that the outcomes may not be satisfactory. Other surgeries could be considered.

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