Why Is Medical Tourism In Turkey So Popular?

Why Is Medical Tourism In Turkey So Popular?: Medicinal tourism is a type of tourism in which patients prefer to receive treatment in order to maintain their health and important functions. Turkey has shown that international medical tourism can be effectively raised in organ transplantation and cancer treatment. To name a few of the most popular medical procedures, cancer and heart surgery, brain tumor treatment, and stem cell therapies are at the top of the list. Furthermore, the treatment of these disorders requires the greatest foreign dollars in Turkey.

Recent newspaper reports show that medical tourism in Turkey is growing as worldwide COVID limitations are lifted. Medical facilities in Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara are reporting an increase in inquiries from people from other countries seeking medical care for a variety of operations. Now, the average consumer spends around $10,000 USD, contributing to Turkey’s annual income of $100 billion dollars.

According to reports, this figure will reach 176 billion by 2026. According to estimates, 1.2 million tourists from Europe came to Turkey for dental surgery, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, hair transplantation, and thermal spas, proving Turkey to be a legitimate competitor to countries like Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Professionals also claim that the number of British visitors has increased dramatically. Turkey hopes to become one of the top five medical tourism destinations in the world, and it appears that it will succeed.

Why Is Medical Tourism In Turkey So Popular

Why choose Turkey for treatment?

Turkey is one of the countries that has risen to the top of the global medical development rankings. In addition, doctors from throughout the world travel to Turkey to gather experience. This is because Turkey has hospitals that are fully equipped with high-quality technologies and use the most up-to-date treatments and therapy approaches. Leading medical names in the United States now collaborate with Turkish clinics. Residents of Russia, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait also rely on Turkish medicine and prefer to receive treatment in Turkey.

TÜROFED predicts that the number of medical tourists in Turkey will reach 2 million by 2023, in addition to Turkey’s successes in the field of health. One of the reasons for Turkey’s success in the field of health can be attributed to the government’s encouragement of medical tourism, as well as Turkish Airlines’ large discounts for medical tourists. Oncology, plastic surgery, transplantology, reproductive medicine, and cardiology are the most prominent specialties of medical tourism in Turkey. In Turkey, world-renowned and very successful doctors work here, as well as serving international patients.

Why Is Medical Tourism In Turkey So Popular?